Welfare and Benefits
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Welfare and Benefits
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Welfare and Benefits

At MFEC, we prioritize our employees' happiness and well-being by offering a range of comprehensive welfare benefits. From mental and physical health programs to initiatives that boost work performance, we are committed to supporting our team members both in and out of the workplace. Our goal is to create a positive and supportive work environment where everyone can achieve their full potential.

For Employee
For Family Employee
Other Benefit
Working Hour
Welfare and Benefits
- Variable bonus - Depend on organizational profit and employee performance
Annual Health Check-up
- Special rate for employee - Able to use health budget for this cost
BYOD (Bring your Own device)
- Employee can use personal laptop to get 1,000 baht per month
Happiness Facilities
- We have fitness zone, board game, snooker table for relaxation
Birthday Celebration
- Get celebretion email on your birthday!
Coaching & Mentoring
- Every work should have assisstance therefore you have 1 : 1 mentor
Training Session
- Knowledge sharing to upskill
Special Occasion
- MFEC New Year party, engagement activity etc.
Provident Fund
- Employee deposit max 15% / Employer provide 7% (depend on work period)
Lending For Resident
- GBH lending for resident (work period 6+ months)
Flexible Hour and Workplace
- Work 9.00 AM - 6.00 PM (Adjustable) - Hybrid work (WFH, Office, Onsite)
Leave And Traditional Holidays
- Annual leave 12+ days/year - Business leave 6 days/year - Sick leave 30 days/year - Unpaid leave (3 years work age) - Traditional holidays 13+ days/year
Health & Life Insurance
- Group Insurance (OPD/IPD) - Health budget for employee and family (7,500 baht - 15,000 baht variable by work age)